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Tanvi Johri, took over her chemistry from Hindu College, New Delhi, received recognition for natural and biodegradable sanitary pits, meeting a visiting private student. For Yash, relationships were separated, but the problem was not taken seriously. “As a woman you won’t come to the place that goes to a doctor,” Johri said.


Location Gurugram, Haryana, India
Work Freelance Writer @ Yatra
Brand Marketing Associate @ Nearbuy (Formerly Groupon India)
Marketing Manager @ Weareholidays
2013 2015 Master Of Business Administration In Marketing, Finance @ International Management Institute – IMI
2009 2012 Bachelors In Chemistry @ Hindu College
SKILLS Project Management, Team Leadership, Content Marketing, Team Management, Consumer Behavior, Management, Social Media, Strategy, Marketing, Microsoft Office, Community Management, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Business Analysis, Teamwork, Marketing Communications, Microsoft Excel, Competitive Analysis, Business Strategy, Market Research, Strategic Planning, Sales

STARTUP                                        :                 Carmesi

FOUNDERS                                   :                  Tanvi Johri And Rikshav Borah

YEAR IT WAS FOUNDED        :                  2017

WHERE IT IS BASED               :                  New Delhi

SECTOR                                         :                   Health And Wellness

THE PROBLEM IT SOLVES  :                   Menstrual Hygiene By Providing Natural Sanitary Napkins

FUNDING RAISED                   :                  Seed Round From Individual Investors

Working in the years 2015 and 2016, working through a travel portal and working with a hyper-local market, operating across the state. “Allot all sanitary pads are mixed with synthetic components joining plastics, in charges, reserves of information, allowances and rams in women bodies.” The second was the most important – which disposes of sanitary pads for sex between women and men.

In JANUARY 2017, Johri Launched Elise, a Synthetic-Yet-Soft brand of sanitary pads. A packet of 30, which came with a staple bag, was announced at 99 1,299. After carrying 4,000 customers at Letter and Persona for eleven months, the jeweler sent it to Carmel, which was Chris Crimson in Spanish. These sanitary pads are made of BAMBOO fiber and CORN STARCH. The capacity to pack more than 30 is 49 4949, which is about 2 to 2.5 which is the cost of a regular sanitary pad. But it is not 70,000 customers. “40 Parents of My Sale from Tiles II Cities,” Clams Jory.


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INDUSTRY : Health, Wellness And Fitness
HEADQUARTERS : Haryana,Gurugram
TAGS : None
BUSINESS MODEL : Business To Consumer – B2c
WEBSITE : Mycarmesi.com
PRESENCE : Multi City, Multi Nation
COMPANY TYPE : Privately Held

The Eureka Moment

There was the Eureka Moment for Tanvi, and the product was also designed to provide with people who read nothing about how they also recommend employees and employees.

CARMESI offers primary, all-natural sanitary pads using all-natural instructions.

He says, “Most institutional pads available in the market are a type of symbolic material and a major agrochemical. There is a serious risk to seeing women in this long term. ”

Personnel pads, on the other hand, are made of bomb fibers and cornstarch, without any artificial characteristics or chemicals.

CARMESI is a Spanned Word that uses the color ‘CRIMSON’. Tanvi Says, “PERIOD BLOOD HAS, for DECADES, has been featured in an advertisement as a blue liquid by all Scientific Pad brands. With our brand name, we are eliminating the challenge that a vengeance situation is occurring or about another. ”

For TANVI, it is also important to get women before working with this product and service. It is not for those who take a comprehensive care of every part of the mental cycle.

It also comes with a major and attractive-minimal bag for free discounts.

Rank Brushat in South Africa, Renkwas Borah (29), after deciding to move in the south-east direction as a CO-founder for the company. “When I tell my CO-folder, the rickshaw, what I have to do, what I have to do, I don’t know them to know about the product. He takes the time to achieve this. And setting up the industry about establishing its own industry. ”

Joint Efforts

He said, “What I have come to know, even more, as a man, who was as a man, he had not made any conditions to work with many women and that was about his products. Was finding out about those who also know about this product. Talking about it). And until I am ready to do it, he only agrees with those people, Those who support their complete choice for IDI.

“Tanvi has stated its decision as a partner for a product to be a one-time partner for women only. Tanvi Says, “I think it is not permissible for women only to be registered every day. It is time to acknowledge and value the importance of life change in one life.”

Rikshav has over five years of work experience in companies and Catco and Yatra.Com. According to STARTUPS about the excessive information, he is also with Co-Footed Another Startup, which went to be approved by www.yatra.com. He is doing B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Bombay.

Steady Growth

CARMESI has served more than 4,000 customers per month, and about 30 percent have been serving for more than a month. ATS pasted ATS on RS 349 for a pack of 10.

More and more people are moving to health and safety products in today’s category. CARMESI seeks to educate customers about the benefits of a natural product, which is completing the purchase process. Also, furthermore, we will tell you that you should liaise with our customers to use our service in order to use our service. ”

CARMESI consumers normally schedule with a one-month pack and walk to the locations issued for the product. “Anandi said that we are not available with any other sanitary pad brand for Indian women, and are doing it to provide greater protection for women.”

Scientific holistic scientific approach based on technical research proves that there are total steel mills in a CAG of the Central Panchayati State, which fulfills the forecast period. In order to encounter merchant contacts, the prominence of women in rural areas is now sufficient to consider sanitary napkins at the academy. In this, the sanitary napkin panning has been increased in the rural sector, worldwide.

The lowest amount of natural sanitary pad units are used and it is taken on root women. Saathi Pads, Soukhyam In Kerala, Sakhi Pads in Vadodara, and Aakar Foundation Anandi Pads are a very beautiful Eco-Frendendly, Low-Cost, Biodegradable Sanitary Napkin brand. among quality brands are based on Urban women, here Nisha Bains ‘Purganics, Hayday And International Brands Like Organyc And Natracare.

It is completely natural. Carmesi Sanitary Pad is built with complete natural resources. The top sheet is the midpoint of the Cornstache which is the middle Abs Absbbent Layer, based on BAMBOO fiber, and made with Bottom Layer Corn-Based Biopestic. It is completely natural natural, and free of agronomy or chemistry. Other scientists available in Markt are in the Star contract for pads, which are based on kinematics and chemistry. These men took a serious risk to see women in the long haul. ”

With 100% biodegradable products, CARMESI is not carrying any goods. “According to more information as our representative, we go a long way to go in this direction, and are doing a lot of work to make our packaging fully biodegradable,”.

The product is fully available on the website and comes from other online markets such as Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa And Purplle.

At the end of 2017, I got a chance to attend a meeting between enterologists, which included Sunil Kalra, Arun Venkatachalam, Startup Buddy Victories and Senior Members Constable FIR Athurena – Etawah – Patna – Patna – Patna Railway –

Users choose to subscribe once to a pack pack or a website. “Longer membership plans are more effective and broader. On a person basis, we have been dispatched to the last cycle of a woman in full delivery. Each person supplies more than one. Most women, over a period of time, get information about product quality, and follow big plans, ”Says Tanvi.

In the future, the product uses the product list to provide those who need other products, which are necessary for monthly hygiene.

The genre invested $ 500,000 from a large group of investors, including Sunil Kala. “I’m not growing up with Tanmay and sometimes dies,” Saeed Kalra. “He will be ready to complete every place of entrepreneurship.”



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