Start With Rs 300, This Woman Today Runs a Company With Rs 7.5 Crore Turnover!




RUBANS ACCESSORIES  ranging from Rs 229 to Rs 10,000 to Ethnic and Western Jewelery. While it started only in Bengaluru, the brand expanded and stores were opened in Kochi and Hyderabad.

Chinu Kala, the owner of RUBANS ACCESSORIES, started her own company in 2014, it was nothing more than an idea in my mind. Even struggled to get 6 x 6 feet of retail space in Bengaluru. It took me six months to manage it.

Chinu works with all types of designers and complements different types. “Initially, there was no mall that was ready to trust us and give us any space – after the constant pursuit of the manager, it took me about six months to get a spot at Forum Mall in Koramangala.” she does.

Despite all the denials, Chinu believed in the work he was doing. And it did not go in vain. “In 2016-17, we earned around Rs 56 lakhs. Revenue rose 670 percent to Rs 3.5 crore the following year. Last year saw us earning Rs 7.5 crore, ”claims Chinu.


At the tender age of 15, Chinu left his home with slippers, two salwar suits and Rs 300 in his pocket due to some family differences. He had no clue what was ahead. She began her career as a door-to-door salesgirl selling coaster and knives, as it was the only job she could find at that age and time. The job proved to be a real life saver, as the company paid daily sales commissions by the end of each day, which was used to take care of its basic needs. Chinu says, “This small but significant amount helped me get my daily food and maintain myself. When I came out of my house, I didn’t even have the money to buy food. Life was my teacher Is, and everything I’ve learned is through the hardships I’ve faced in the early stages of my life. I’ve learned that running a business is no rocket science; it meets consumer demands with those products and services There is a simple way to do what best suits their needs. I couldn’t study entrepreneurship so I decided to jump into it.


Chinu got married in 2004 and participated in Gladrags Mrs. India in 2006, where she was amongst the finalists. This event taught her the importance of jewellery in the fashion industry and how a good piece of jewellery could enhance the whole look of a person. Thus, Chinu combined her flair for business along with her love for fashion and curated her own fashion jewellery brand Rubans Accessories. “Like any other business story, Rubans was just a thought that I had been nurturing for years in my head. Finally, in 2014, I took the plunge to start my fashion jewellery business,” adds Chinu.

However, entrepreneurship threw a major obstacle in her path! Subsequently, the retail trade was taking place prominently through high streets and malls. Waiting for three years to get a good location in a mall and over and above the cost of building a store coupled with large deposits to be a major financial constraint. Chinu had stock in his hand, but did not have the money to pay the deposit in the mall. But Chinu’s journey so far has been defined, meeting the impossible.As she was confident that customers would fall in love with her novel designs, she persuaded the mall management to pay the money to submit her one-month post posting. The day its store opened, Rubans Accessories made record sales. In the following month, the sale was enough to pay the mall’s deposit to Monis. Today, fast forward a few years, Rubans is receiving the same love from its customers as it did on the day Chinu launched its first store.

These are dynamic times; Previously, which used to take five years to change, today changes to six months. Thus, entrepreneurs need to develop the capabilities to predict the next big wave and be prepared to adopt change. The changing consumer behavior and the emphasis it has placed on maintaining shopping habits have enabled Ruban, who started as an offline brand through stores, to transform as a major online brand. The company currently retails through its stores in Lulu Mall, Kochi through online portals such as Myntra & Flipkart. The brand also sells through its website, which can cater to the growing demands in the fashion accessories market in Tier-II and III geographies in the country. Recognized as a category leader in the branded fashion jewelery and accessories segment, Ruban Accessories is also a part of Myntra’s brand accelerator program.



A fashion jewelery brand, Rubans realized the opportunity and moved quickly to bridge the gap, successfully turning the challenge into a blessing. In a span of five years, the brand has emerged at the forefront of the branded fashion jewelery and accessories segment. Inspired by the Sanskrit idea Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is a family), the company incorporates the free flow of ideas and designs from around the world in its collection. In fact, Rubens Accessories is one of the only brands in the country offering a wide range of products in Western as well as ethnic categories, catering to the consumer’s styles, trends and seasonal demands.


Rubans believes in providing stylish and statement pieces that are affordable but true to their promise of quality and glamor. We promise the idea of ​​novelty and royalty, ”says Chinu. The curiosity factor is a big differentiator for his brand, with Chinu and his team constantly working hard to ensure that every time an older customer browses through their catalog, he is definitely in the design and collection Must be fresh.

Managed by a young and illustrious team, the brand also has an indoor creative team that puts together unique designs and an accompanying limited edition collection twice every year. Some of the brand’s traditional collections of traditional jewelery art such as kundan, polki work, coinage and temple jewelery.


Fashion is a field where what is relevant today will become obsolete in few months down the line. Hence, Rubans Accessories has built a habit to innovate every day. After winning the hearts of its customers in the fashion jewellery segment, Rubans Fashion Accessories is now foraying into the Luxury segment with Rubans’ Luxury. The brand has curated the luxury collection keeping customer at its core. The luxury collection is elegant and exquisite, where every piece of jewellery is handcrafted with intricate designs that are inspired by the Indian heritage. Chinu says, “Marriage and Jewellery are synonymous in India. The traditional jewellery of India is what makes the Indian wedding so rich and unique”.

The team of Rubans is working hard on ‘MISSION 150 CRORES’ BY 2024. It is also considering diversifying its offerings in the fashion space in other ways. Chinu says she is in talks with vendors across India to sell jewelery

For Chinu, the journey has been long but being completed. She says

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