He is a founder developer of the word processor, an open source software that is used by more than 31% of the web. The website states that WordPress is “a commercial Earth publishing platform”, but more importantly, the Word Engine is a part of who I am. Like eating, breathing, music, I cannot work on WordPress. We celebrated 15 years of WordPress in 2018. (I was 19 when I started. Now I am 36 years old.) This project touches a lot of people, something I have recently appreciated. I consider myself very much lucky to be able to work on something I love so much.

Every year I give a “State of the Word” speech. Here is the 2017 edition

I used to go to school in Houston and consult, then I moved to San Francisco where I worked on the CNET network. In late 2005, I left a company called Ekatic, which is now the force behind, Jetpack, Woocom, Simpleton, Longdr’s, The Atavist and many other products. Our mission is to make the web a better place.

Although the briefcase is my main focus, I also advise and invest in startups through my company Audrey Capital. You can use the portfolio of companies on the Audrey site.


Many wordmeter have sought to change the way we publish on the web, with Atari determined to change the way we work. We are a fully listed company – with over 1,100 employees working in 62 countries, and no physical headquarters. We are a company that is on the web and works for it. I list about this on a podcast and website.


Mullenweg was born in Houston, Texas, and attended high school for performance and visual arts, where he studied jazz saxophone. He studied at the University of Houston before studying in political science, before he left for a job at CNET Network in 2004


Matt Mullenweg Net Worth and Salary: Matt Mullenweg is an American online social media entrepreneur and web developer with a net worth of $ 400 million. Matthew Charles Mullenweg was born on January 11, 1984 in Houston, Texas. Today he is known as the premier developer of the free and open source blogging platform WordPress, managed by The Worden Foundation. He is also the founder of Automatic, Inc., the for-profit web development arm of Around 2009 he turned down an offer of $ 200 million to sell to Automatic. As of this writing, Automatic has raised $ 317.3 million over five rounds and its most recent valuation is $ 1.2 billion.

Matt Mullenweg studied political science at the University of Houston before leaving to pursue a job at CNET Network in San Francisco, California. While still in college, Matt and Mike Little created WordPress using the b2 codebase. In 2005, he resigned from CNET Network and found Automatic, which would eventually be the force behind, Akismet, Gravatar, VaultPress, IntenseDebate, Polldaddy, among many web services. Matt is a highly sought-after public speaker who has appeared at many notable conferences and events including Canadian Northern Voices, Global WordCamp Events, SxSW, BlogWorld Expo, Greek Blogger Camp, Yahoo TechDev Talk, Web 2.0 Submit, YCombinator’s Startup School . , Web, etc.

In addition to writing code, Matt Mullenway also writes music and prose. After attending high school for performance and visual arts, he learned to play saxophone and became a Dvorak keyboard user who can type more than 120wpm.

In August 2019, Matt announced that Tumblr was acquired by Automatic for $ 3 million. He also announced that Automatic is acquiring 200+ Tumblr employees


In March 2007, Mullenweg was named # 16 of the 50 Most Important People on the Web by PC World, reportedly the youngest on the list. In October, Mullenweg acquired Gravart Services and was rumored to have turned down an offer of US $ 200 million to buy his company Automatic. In 2008, Mullenweg received the Information Technology Innovator Award – presented by Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management for people who have applied information technology to create new business opportunities.

In July 2008 Mullenweg was featured on the cover of Linux Journal. A San Francisco Chronicle story later that month placed him on the cover of the business section and noted that he still removed Chevrolet Lumina and ranked at # 31 on Alexa with 90 million monthly page views Was placed. In September, Mullenweg was named a Top 30 Entrepreneur Under 30 by Ink Magazine and one of the 25 most influential people on the web by Inkweb.

In December 2010, Mullenweg was awarded the winner of the TechFellow Award in “Product Design and Marketing”. In January 2011, Business Insider listed Mullenweg as # 3 of its 30 founders under the 30 list to create WordPress, the power behind many new startups.

In March 2011, Mullenweg was named one of the Top 10 Most Influential People to Change the Face of the Internet by Business Insider. In October 2011, Mullenweg created Vanity Fair’s Next Establishment’s prestigious list of growing talent in tech, media, policy and business. In December 2011, Mullenweg was listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 for Social / Mobile for the impact it has had on the blogging world through open source.

In May 2012, Mullenweg was listed on Forbes’ most influential Angel Investors in Angellist. In December 2012, Mullenweg was listed on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 media in 2012.


Intro/Recognize  American Entrepreneur
Founder/Owner  Wordpress
Wife Name  Matthew Charles Mullenweg
Known as him Businessperson, Entrepreneur, Software engineer, Programmer, Computer scientist, Musician, Internet personality ,Blogger
From  United State of America(USA)
Gender  Male
Birthday Jan 11, 1984 (Huston,USA)
Age  36 years
Star sing  Capricorn
Residency present  San Francisco, USA
Education  High School for the Performing and Visual Arts   University of Houston
Heinz Award 2016
 Networth  $400million

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