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About JetSetGo:

JetSetGo is India’s first online marketplace for private jet and helicopter charter. Launched by young and dynamic entrepreneur Kanika Tekriwal, the innovative company operates great guns. It recently received funding from cricketer Yuvraj’s company YouWeCan and continues to capture the imagination of private jet flight. In an interview with SPS Aviation Kanika Tekriwal, JetSetGo’s co-founder and CEO, talks about how the company is going to change the face of private jet flight in India.

JetSetGo is sometimes called ‘Uber of Skies’, which was founded in 2014 by Kanika Tekriwal. JetSetGo is an interactive technology-driven platform that manages flight planes, operated for plane owners. At the same time, enabling users to search and reserve charter aircraft and helicopters across India.

Kanika hails from a business family of Bhopal. She always wanted to be a part of the aviation industry and worked at the tender age of 17 in 2007, which piqued her interest and gave her enough exposure to learn the nuances of it. She later went to the UK to pursue an MBA which further enhanced her entrepreneurial skills.

He is a tireless follower of hope, positivity and drive. At the age of 22 in 2011, she was diagnosed with cancer, although initial doctors had not anticipated it, but did not give up until she regained her health. She defeated cancer, and now she is winning our heart. A year of chemotherapy and radiation taught her a lot, and gave her the time she needed to think over things and come up with a plan

The idea for JetSetGo came when it felt the need for an aggregator in the private jet space. While working abroad, he saw the growth of the industry, learning one or two things about the industry. JetSetGo is the result of this diverse experience. Over the years, it has seen customers’ frustrations when working with charter brokers and operators. Anyone wishing to use a private jet will contact either a broker or an aircraft operator based on personal recommendations or the results shown by Google. These brokers recommend jets or helicopters that pay maximum commission regardless of the customer’s requirements. Due to a severe lack of transparency and the unavailability of charter aircraft, customers had to pay large amounts.

Customers felt that a professional and comprehensive charter service was needed to provide a wide variety of aircraft with a transparent pricing system. JetSetGo is a solution to all these inadequacies and constraints and efforts to replace it and make private jet charter very economical and simple.

It started JetSetGo in 2014, intending to offer its services to a wider clientele – business owners who had to cover three to four cities a day, international tourists, emergency evacuations, or pilgrimages to remote areas Tourists visiting.

JetSetGo got around 80% of India’s private jet fleet, currently covering around 60 domestic and international airports with an annual jetsetgo revenue networth of Rs 60 crore.

Due to the rapid growth in the Indian aviation sector in 2017, JetSetGo reported a 700% increase in revenue during the last financial year.

Kanika was named a young global leader by the World Economic Forum; One of the BBC 100 women in 2015, CNN’s 20 Under 40, and in 2016 30-under-30 by Forbes Asia,

Asked about the company’s future plans, Kanika says, “Though we are already global based on customers who demand jets for international destinations. We have provided jets to various international destinations like New York etc. But currently, about 80% of our business comes from domestic travel. Our focus is to move $ 18 billion of services to the fast growing inbound travel market. And it is expected to meet the travel needs of Indians in the next 5 years.


1)How many charter companies are listed and how many aircraft can you reach? Is it in India or abroad too?
Kanika:We have only listed operators in India. We have close to 80 percent of the GA fleet available for charter and listing.

2)How many airports can you reach in India and also abroad?
Kanika:All airport in the world.

3)One of the problems with the aggregator may be the unavailability of an aircraft for the customer who has booked it. What do you do in such cases?
Kanika:Our USP is service, reliability and assurance. If an aircraft is unavailable, we ship an alternate aircraft at our cost, no matter how much it costs.

4)What are your plans for expansion, development?
Kanika:The only plan right now is to make JetSetGo a stop shop globally for private jets and luxury travel. Bigger, better – something the world has never seen.

5)What has been the most challenging aspect in this type of business?
Kanika:It seems that we are not fit to face any challenge. Business is a very people and machine dependent business and it’s all about efficiency



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