Zerodha is India’s number 1 stockbroker. It is the largest and most popular broker offering online flat fee rebate brokerage services to invest in equity, currency, commodity, IPO and direct mutual funds.

Zerodha charges $ 0 brokerage for equity delivery trades and direct mutual funds. ، This flat for intraday and F&O. The fee per trade is 20 0.03 ٪ (whichever is lower). With Zerodha ، the maximum brokerage you can offer for any transaction is 20 for one order (any size ، amount or quantity).

The model caught on fast in India. The company currently has 1.5 million customers and 600,000 daily users and is building its platform by investing in technology-driven financial startups.

How does Zerodha work?

Zerodha offers trading in stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities and mutual funds. The investor will have to pay Rs 300 to open his Grida account. They offer free stock distribution investment.

Share giving, intraday equity, futures and options tax a variable share transaction. No brokerage fee for every trade, regardless of size, Rs. A fixed fee of 20 is required. About 2 lakh Zerodha accounts are added every month.


ZERODHA PROVED that it does not require any external investment. In FY19, the company reported revenue of Rs 850 crore and profit of Rs 350 crore.

Nithin attributes the company’s success to Kite, its mobile and web-based trading platform. He estimates that Kite contributes about 10 percent of all retail trade volumes in India, which is significant among the country’s 400 retail brokers.

Zerodha competes with big banks like ICICI and HDFC, which are not compatible with new technologies. Earlier this year, the company saw ICICI Securities as India’s largest broker.

He attributes the challenge to how “shallow” the Indian markets are – despite the introduction of more than 6.5 crores of income taxes, only 50,000 have been invested in the market. Nithin says India’s path to becoming an economic superpower is different from “an over-reliance on foreign capital”.

Once a startup builds a product, it transfers to Zerodha’s customer base instantly. Products developed so far include the Sensibull options trading platform and the Algo-Trading Streak service.

The company maintains its advantage by investing in financial startups through its Rainmatter incubator, which started in 2016. Rainmatter provides funding and mentorship to startups in the capital markets, in exchange for minority stakes.

RAINMATTER is a Bangalore fintech incubator and startup fund founded by Nithin in 2015. The company is an initiative from Zerodha that will raise funds and incubate innovative startups. Moreover, it has invested in several startups to achieve the goal of developing Indian capital markets.

Rainmatter Climate funds startups and grassroots organizations working on climate change. According to the organizational fillings, Nithin, his wife Sima and his brother Nikhil were appointed directors of the Rainmatter Land development project. The paid up capital for this new venture is Rs. 10 lakh.


Nitin Kamath Zeroda is the founder and CEO (CEO) of a discount brokerage firm in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. He is an Indian businessman, stock broker, and columnist for The Financial Express. The Economic Times ranked Nitin among the Top 10 Watchtown Entrepreneurs 2016 in India for Discount Brokerage. They collected a total of Rs. 24,000 Crore. Also, Zerodha topped the IIFL Wealth Hurun India 40 and Self-Rich List 2020.


Nithin was born in Shivamoga, Karnataka, India to a Konkani family. His father, U.R. Kamath used to work as a CEO at Canara Bank. His mother, Revathi, taught us to play the instrument in us. He also has a younger brother, Nikhil Kamath, co-founder of Zerodha.

Nathin married Sima Patel in 2008. He loves to play basketball. He is passionate about martial arts and poker.

During his childhood days, Nithin traveled across India to accompany his father’s career, before settling previously in Bangalore in 1996, where he finished his high school and college studies.Nithin completed his graduation from Bangalore Institute of Technology specializing in Electronics and Communications.


At the age of 17, Nitin started managing his father’s trading account. While pursuing his studies in college, he was already employed as an owner trader from January 1997 to January 2004.

After spending enough time as a professional businessman, he worked in a call center for three years due to lack of business capital. They traded during the day and in the Talesless Nights. From January 2001 to June 2004, he worked for a senior teleless business executive, a call center focused company.

Nitin started his business career as a sub-broker when he partnered with Kamat Associates as a proprietary trader. It was originally a franchise of Reliance Money. He also cut portfolio advisory services. He worked in the company for six years i.e. from January 2004 to January 2010.Nitin and his younger brother, Nikhil, set up their stock brokerage firm, Zerodha, by the end of 2010.



1)Awarded the Emerging Entrepreneur Award (2014) by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
2)Awarded Startup Brokerage Firm of the Year (2014) by BSE and Dun & Bradstreet.
3)Awarded Startup Brokerage Firm of the Year (2015) by BSE and Dun & Bradstreet.
4)During its annual business review, the Economic Times featured nithin among the 10 Indian entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2016, who will be the most influential in their industries.
5)Ranking on Forbes India 30 Under 30 Financial List in 2016.


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