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Nearly everyone shopping online knows about MyDala. One of the largest online coupon and discount platforms in India, MyDala was founded in 2009 by Anisha Singh. And in just a few years, it has evolved to deal with around 2,00,000 transactions and target 400 million consumers in more than 200 cities.


Anisha Singh is best known for co-founding the e-commerce platform Mydala in 2009 with the help of Arjun Basu and Ashish Bhatnagar. Mydala is a merchant marketing platform that helps businesses acquire users at almost no upfront cost.

Anisha was born into a joint family in Delhi; His father is an ex-officio member and runs a business, while his mother is a dentist. She studied in a boarding school. Anisha did her graduation and MBA from American University.

She recently founded She Capital, an early-stage fund investing in women-led or women-focused ventures with high-leadership potential.


Anisha never thought about what to do in life. No clue! He did not even know what to do in life. It was one of his professors who believed that he could achieve a lot, introduce him to entrepreneurs, and ask him to pursue an MBA. This put her under house arrest in a wonderful company in DC run by a woman named Julie Holden. How Julie was motivating Anisha for a startup of 400 people.

Anisha’s professional journey began as a strategic alliance manager for a major software company in the United States. In 2004, Anisha started a company that provides digital content marketing solutions to American companies for the real estate and e-learning industry. Later, she moved to India and launched Madala.

Anisha wants to see Mydala as the real creator of coupons and loyalty programs. She plans to expand her network to a larger platform, where every Indian will visit Mydala for the first time to discover, shop or do anything. Mydala has made significant progress and now has a network of 196 cities with 165,000 merchants and over 38 million registered users.

She believes that this is a good time for the online coupon and discount marketing industry, which has a lot of scope for innovation. Recently, Mydala has participated in product listings such as food items, personal care and household items. He assures to bring many other changes and adds many new features.
Mydala founder Anisha says that a person can learn more about himself as an entrepreneur than any other business. The aspect that challenged people to use the new service was.

Anisha Singh Also founder She Capital

Anisha Singh founded Shea Capital with a belief to help women-led businesses to their maximum potential. Studies have proven that women-led startups generate more revenue for every dollar invested, yet the investment for a women-led enterprise is modest. His goal is to invest behind stellar entrepreneurs to create great businesses.


1)Mentorship to help your enterprise reach its full potential.
2)Financial aid you need for development.
3)Strong networking opportunities within your chosen industry.
4)An opportunity to contribute to the future of economic development in India.
5)A bright future for women entrepreneurs in India.


Says Anisha Singh, “Sitting and talking on a panel is not the only way. I feel deeply that I really need to do something for women entrepreneurs in India, something that will change the numbers. I Need to go big. ” “He also said that there is a 170-year gap between women and young women. This difference is across the board. Anisha Singh founded Xi Capital to empower and support women entrepreneurs financially. She invests in startups founded by women and has women’s startups on board.

The Harvard Business Review report cited an analysis by the Boston Consultancy Group that if both men and women participate equally, global GDP would increase by 6%. The report also states that investments started by established or co-founded women receive half of the average investment of startups founded by men.


Anisha is known for speaking her mind and advocating for women’s rights. She has given talks on many topics – entrepreneurship, women leadership, startup ecosystem in India and various national and global events.

She has spoken in these events and many others:

  • Founders Forum, (London, June 2016)
  • India Unlimited Conference, Sweden (May 2016)
  • MIT India Conference (USA, Apr 2016)



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