Ludo King is one of the great success games in the COVID-19 lockdown period. Let’s know the success story of Ludo King. It is a free board game developed by Vikash Jaiswal, who owns an Indian company named ‘Indian Studio Gametion Technologies Private Limited‘. Ludo King is a mobile application game developed on the Unity game engine. This game is available on all mobile platforms i.e. ‘Android’, ‘iOS’ and ‘Windows’ mobile phones.

Ludo King has gained so much popularity during the period of global lockdown due to COVID-19. COVID-19 narrates the success story of Ludo Raja. This can be seen with the fact that – most of the apps that download games like ‘Free Store’ and ‘App Store’ are ranked number 1 in the Top Free Games section in almost 100+ million downloads.


Vikas Jaiswal is the founder and director of Gametian Technologies Private Limited, the company created the popular Ludo King gaming app for Android and iOS. Ludo King has now become one of the most popular games with more than 180 million downloads. Also, it is ranked as the number one free game on Google Play and Apple App Store in India and other Southeast countries. Since the lockdown, the app’s revenue has multiplied by three or four. In fiscal 2020, Gametion raised Rs. Rs. 44.63 crore and Rs. 15.96 crore.


Vikas was born in Patna, Bihar, India. His father died when he was two years old and his family survived on his father’s pension. His wife, Soni Jaiswal, is his business partner at Gametion.

He was particularly fond of playing video games in sports parlors. Some of his favorites were the Nintendo Mario game and Road Fighter. During his early teens, he made handmade greeting cards and gave them to local shopkeepers to sell.

Vikas started specializing in Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science in 1999 from Marathwada Institute of Technology (MIT), Bulandshahr. During his three months of study, he developed a video game called Aggie Boy, a seven-tiered jump game similar to Mario. The game was named PCQuest Magazine’s Game of the Month for July 2003.

In addition, he took animation, graphic design and 3D classes in Patna, as well as continuing to graduate. He completed his graduation in 2004 and then moved to Mumbai.


Vikas began working with Indiagames, a video game publisher company. Ltd., after relocating to Mumbai in 2004 as a Tech Lead. Three years later, he quit the job in 2008 and founded Gametion Technologies Private Limited, a mobile app development venture.

The parent company Gametian launched the popular gaming app Ludo King in October 2015. Ludo King is available in over 15 languages including English, Tamil, Malayalam, German, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, French, Arabic, Marathi, Italian. , Bengali, and Bahasa Indonesia.

The success of Ludo King persuaded Vikas to work on new titles. Gametian launched two other board games Carrom King and Sudoku King headed by his wife Soni Jaiswal.


After quitting his job, the development started in 2008 with Rs. Gametian started his venture with an investment of Rs. 2.5 lakhs and a team of seven. He worked at home for two years and in 2010 officially started Gamion Technologies with a small office in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Initially, the company made browser games and eventually shifted to making games for Android and iOS. Browser games were published on Vikas serves as the Founder and Director at Gametion Technologies Private Limited.Gametion is a mobile app developer and publisher who lives in creating popular and trending games for multiple platforms. In addition, Gametion participated in the IGDC 2019 event, one of the most notable sports conferences in South Asia.

The idea to develop an application software for Ludo came to his mind when he came on the Snake & Ladder game app in October 2015. Vikas serves as the founder and director of Ludo King. He has developed the Ludo King app with a programmer and a graphic designer.Ludo King was officially launched in December 2016 and listed in the top charts in May 2017. After all, it had more than 120 million users worldwide, of which 100 were from India and the rest included users from Pakistan, Indonesia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia. . , Brazil.

Ludo King is among the top 10 board games in India. In addition, the app became the first Indian mobile game to cross 100 million downloads. During the lockdown, it has logged maximum daily users with around 51 million. Lockdown has expanded the Ludo King audience base and has become the most successful Indian game ever.

The sudden and heavy volume of traffic generated during the lockdown period was unexpected. The team did not initially plan and develop application software for such a large base audience. It took ten days to solve the sad problem of Ludo King which usually took place during the afternoon and night.


1)At the 19th FICCI Frames Best Animated Frames (BAF) Awards, Vikas received a mobile and tablet game: Gaming / Arcade / Casual International at Ludo King.

2)He has also been recognized as “Icons of Navi Mumbai” by The Economic Times. In addition, Gametion has been awarded the Bootstrap Champion Award at the ET Startup Awards 2020.




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