The 13-year-old young entrepreneur, Tilak Mehta, has founded Papers N Parcels, a logistics startup that targets same-day delivery of small parcels within Mumbai.


He is studying in eighth grade, like any other teenager, who tells of his father coming late from work and being tired also raced in the famous Dabbawalas of Mumbai and makes a single day delivery at a price of Rs 40 with a three kg weight limit.

His father is the chief executive of Rushabh Sealink, a logistics company that may have helped. But Tilak, through Peace, researched the concept and ran a beta for four months before formally launching it today.


“I always draw attention to the fast and efficiency of the dabbawalas food delivery network. I felt that if this system could be replicated for parcel delivery as well, it would make in-city courier services more efficient and cost-effective,They take from end customers, which currently have no courier. The best thing is that packages and papers are delivered within 4-8 hours. And can track a package as it traces the city from pick-up to drop-off.

The door-to-door service app has plans to expand its business in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai and expects revenue of Rs 100 crore in the next two years.


CST to Thane
Churchgate to Borivali.
The company are starting  delivery by placing 1000 and 1200 orders in a day and will have manpower of 300 Dabbawalas and 180 PNP delivery buoys.


The company are starting  delivery by placing 1000 and 1200 orders in a day and will have manpower of 300 Dabbawalas and 180 PNP delivery buoys

  “During our beta testing phase, we have successfully done so many transactions. We have thousands of retail and corporate giants as our customers, and see daily requests from 1,000 to 1,200, which we expect to grow to 2,000-5,000 in the next six months, ”revealed Tilak.


He says that his age has not diminished in the effort of customers and vendors. “Initially reluctant vendors have seen my commitment and quality and I believe we have won them as new people. Customers have also been happy with our services, ”he says. Tilak has also received an invitation from a university in Surat to discuss papers en parcels and its origins.

The business is self-funded, putting in initial funds with her family; Tilak intends to return it once the company becomes profitable. However, for its next phase, Tilak is exploring the revenue of external funding. While he is the sole founder of the company, his uncle Ghanshyam Parekh, who comes with a compelling background in finance, is CEO. His core team includes Vaishali Nandu, who is also the project coordinator and Jignesh Brahmakhtri, who has years of experience in mobile and web-based innovation as a CTO. The company currently has a team size of 180.

Because of this strong support system, Tilak divides the first five days of a typical week between school and work, and divides weekends between work and his hobbies. “I’m at school until 4 in the evening, and I will go to the office immediately. If I can’t, I make sure I keep in touch via phone. On weekends, the first half of my day is in the office for team meetings; The rest I spend in studies and sports, ”Tilak indicated.

The behind of this Company

One day Tilak Mehta went to uncle’s house to get his math book that he forgot in his uncle’s house.  He tells his father to get this book from his uncle but his father is too busy so he ignores it.  Now Tilak Mehta thinks of courier but the courier company charges 300 rupees for same day delivery and this amount is equal to the price of that book.  Someone said that the reason behind a big idea is a problem.

Tilak Mehta feels that many people in Mumbai are facing that problem.  Where the courier company takes too much time for delivery but they charge a lot more if you want to deliver in a single day.  Tilak Mehta thinks of a startup where people are delivering parcel very fast for a very low price.  The first idea that comes to mind of Tilak Mehta to plan this business is Mumbai Dabbawale.  He is called the lifeline of Mumbai.  Everything happens late, but Dabbawale always arrives on time and has a network all over Mumbai.  Beginning of Panners n Parcels:



  Profession    Students,Entrepreneur and Businessman
  Famous reason  Being a 13 years old become Entrepreneur   raise income  100 crore revenue
  Name  Tilak Mehta
  Age  13 years
  Father Name   Vishal Mehta
  Eye colour   Black
  Height   156cm
  Birthdate   Not know
  Birthplace   Mumbai
  Nationality   Indian
  Religion   Hindu
  Spouse   Single
  Career   Eight school Students
  Owner Company   Paper N Parcel (Logistic Services)
  Company Started    2017
  School name   Garodia International School(Mumbai)
  Hometown   Gujrat
  Food Favorite   Street food, Junk food
  Actor Favorite   Salman khan,Amir khan
  Actress Favorite   Aliabhat,
  Sports   Cricket,Video games
  Destination   America and Landon(U.K)



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