DUNZO has given such a blessing many times when it involves work related to childbirth. It can be a web firm that distributes groceries, food and many types of goods.

Dunzo is a hyper-local market on-demand delivery service in India. It delivers anything and everything on demand with minimal delivery charges. If you have forgotten some documents at home, Dunzo can take them to his office. If you want to buy a T-shirt from a mall, but are not in a position to go there and buy, Dunzo will find you.



Kabir Vishwas shifted to Bangalore in six months. They decided to test a new business idea based on a self-fulfilling, to-do-list product. This was the original idea behind Danzo. His small room in a duplex became Dunzo’s headquarters. He started telling his friends about the concept. Kabir soon started working for the people on bikes and completed them all by himself. People left a message on her WhatsApp number and she made sure that she was done.

To help him in this task, he hired a few people from an NGO on a part-time basis. This team in June 2015 completed 70 deliveries in just one day. This gave rise Dunzo a popularity boost and in the next three months, the startup received its first major investment. Due to the surge in demand, the Whatsapp-based service was transformed to an app in 2016. Other co-founders stepped in and made the app a huge success.

DUNZO addressed the stress people face all day: the need to stimulate things. Users will know what to do, and Dunzo will have to figure it out. The idea was to boost efficiency. This includes matching and providing demand, which specializes in different geographies, ensuring partner locations are in those geographic areas, and handling real-world flows.

You won’t find it difficult to leave your home to shop for something or taste your favorite food. Thanks to technology, it all comes directly to you. The difficulty is that you want to travel to search from application to application for special requirements.


While there is no shortage of food and groceries platforms in India, the first issue lies within the inconvenience of finding and displaying apps that fit our needs perfectly. With the changing needs of shoppers often in different stores, it becomes a struggle to accommodate a trip that is beaten, especially within the current COVID19 epidemic era where exhaust is not necessary. Do not know

Imagine how favorable it would be if these requirements could be accommodated within a stage? It currently operates in Bangalore, Noida, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Danzo connects you to the distribution partners that are closest to you, thus making it slow and energy saving. This allows you to deliver or receive items within the shortest time at the swipe of just one finger. Danzo is like a personal assistant who works for you. His team is often on the move to address your daily concerns.


Ankur Aggarwal, a computer science graduate from IIT Roorkee, is the co-founder of Danoz. Ankur worked with third co-founder Mukund Jha at Google and the duo also started an HR tech company called Filter.

The fourth co-founder of Danjo is Dalveer Suri, a graduate from the University of Mumbai. Dalveer worked at IBM and was also the head of operations and delivery at Cybrilla Technology.

Dunzo – Revenue

1)The startup has a total revenue of Rs. 3.5 crores in FY19. Rupees. 76 lakhs were “revenue from operations”, and a balance of Rs. 2.7 crores was from “other income”.

2)Dunzo reported a loss of Rs. There was a loss of Rs.69.7 crore in the financial year 2016-16, an increase of 671%. 21.9 crores in the previous year (as stated by the documents filled by the Registrar of Companies.


Date Amount Investors Series
November 2016 $1.18 Million Aspada Investment Series A
December 2017 $12.3 Million Google, Blume Ventures, Aspada   Investment Series B
November 2018 $70 Million Alteria Capital Debt
February 2019 $3.1 Million Blume Ventures, Lakshmi Narayanan,   Raintree Family Office, Monika Garware Modi Series C
April 2019 $684.2 Million Google, Blume Ventures, Alteria   Capital, Patni Wealth Advisors Corporate Round
May 2019 $50 Million Kalpavriksh Fund Venture Round
June 2019 $29.9 Million Belltower Fund Group Ltd Series C
August 2019 $2.8 Million Alteria Capital Debt
October 2019 $45 Million Lightbox Ventures, 3L Capital,   STIC Investment, STIC Ventures and Google Series D
February 2020 $11 Million Alteria Capital Debt
September 2020 $28 Million Google, Lightstone Fund Series E



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