Dukaan – an app to save Indian Store helping to going on Free online platform.

Founder of Dukaan app
Founder of Dukaan app.


Dukaan is an app that allows offline shopes stores to sell their products and services online shops through WhatsApp. This allows you to create a catalog of your products on your phone and share it with your customer. Dukaan caters to businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, fruit and vegetable shops, electronics shops, clothing, jewelry and furniture stores.

Helps to create online store in 30 seconds for free, has helped more than 1,50,000 stores in 40 different categories.

COVID-19 has made a huge dent in India’s economy. Businesses across the country are facing losses like before, losing the fruits of years of hard work in just a few weeks.


Today, Dukaan now has more than 1,50,000 stores, with more than 5,00,000 products added to 40 different categories of businesses. The app covers more than 400 cities and has received more than 75,000 orders. In short, the app is helping to make a huge impact across the country and ushering ‘Digital India‘ in true sense.

Dukaan app enables local stores to become digital and use WhatsApp to sell their products. All Dukandar must download the app, register their business, which takes less than a minute, and list their products. Links to their stores can be shared with customers via WhatsApp for direct orders. What’s awesome about Dukaan, unlike most digital initiatives that feel alienated to those who aren’t comfortable with technology, it uses the very familiar avenue to help people sell online is.

Sumit Shah has made a humble debut as a shop boy at his uncle’s store in Satara. A keen and quick learner, he completed his engineering degree in Sangli, learning web design and development from his roommate in college, and pursuing online digital marketing courses.
One day during the lockdown, Sumit was stunned to receive a text from the jockey, which contained a PDF of his catalog. His message clearly highlighted – “Now we start accepting orders on WhatsApp.”

Within the next 48 hours, Sumit along with his team built the Dukaan –  Android app, which allows anyone to create their own online store within 30 seconds!

Fast forward, 20 days and here’s how the current situation is: 150000+ stores created, more than 500000 products added, more than 40 different categories of businesses, covering more than 400 cities, more than 75000 orders In short they are really helping make a big impact across the country and Digital India is really coming to life!

Dukaan’s USP is its simplicity. “We have a 16-year-old kid who helped his father open an online rakhi shop in Gorakhpur, and a 59-year-old wholesaler from Surat also sells beauty products,” says Sumit Shah. founded by. “There is no platform that is as easy as using Google Pay to build an online store – that’s what Dukan wants to be. We offer Desi Bharosa with world-class technology, we believe Is that through a platform like Dukan we can actually create a digital India, ”added Sumit.

In such a scenario, super easy and inexpensive digital platforms like Dukaan can help a small business person like Shakuntala Devi take a big leap, which they would have never imagined otherwise.

Thanks to Suumit and his team, a better world is possible for Indian shopkeepers. Now, Dukaan is slowly emerging as a platform that has made Digital India a reality for numerous small shopkeepers all over the country!


The founder Suumit Shah used to work for a small shop run by his uncle before obtaining an engineering degree. While pursuing a degree, he learned web design and web development from his room-mate in college. As a quick learner, Shah completed a number of digital marketing online courses online and started her own business with her current CTO Subhash Chaudhary under the name Recemetric – a college dropout turned into hardcore techie in 2014. He is one of the most successful. Digital entrepreneurs like Sony, McDonald’s, Oyo, Cred etc. are helping brands in the country. His modest manner does not really reflect his quick ascent into business and digital fame.


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