A girl was sold own house for an own dream business: Shubhra Chadda


Founded in 2009, Chumbak has a the story of the founders is truly inspiring. There are bizarre lively products in 100 categories that make magnet a type of brand.They did not blink before selling their house to raise money. “There was not much discussion to sell it,” recalled Chaddha of launching Chumbak in Bengaluru in March 2010.

Me and my husband started to love travel. My husband Vivek and I both love collecting souvenirs. However, when I looked at the market closely, I realized that many people were searching to take back the souvenirs of their India trip. This is how the magnet was born. Now we are present in 12 cities and have 44 stores and are opening stores every week. ”


As a co-founder of one of the largest lifestyle brands in India, Shubh Chaddha has managed to reach heights and has given creativity to a spectacular new level. As a female entrepreneur, when we asked her what she thinks about the relatively small number of women in the country, and what holds them back, she said, “This is policy. A lot of people think Is it a man’s job. “Fortunately there were supportive parents, many women had to go through many struggles before taking such steps for their development. ”

She further explained that there are a lot of women who are coming out now and urge to make it big on their own, however, there is a long way to go because conditioning will have to change.


Chaddha has been told about how the idea he has nurtured since 2004 has been working on technology company NetApp. It was not until 2009 that the art aficionado, on a break from his job to raise his first child, decided to become an entrepreneur. “After being a full one-year-old mother, I realized that I needed to go back to do something, ”says Chadha.

It is not that the floating magnet was a caveman. There was talk of Chumbak’s launching days. Chadda says he has done everything from moving 120 boxes full of products to a seventh-floor rented apartment, which doubles as Chumbak’s first office and storeroom, despite working with Chumbak despite the initial low volume Assuring manufacturers for.

The company has since come a long way, covering Chadda’s products, design and sourcing. From pop-up stores in airports and theaters and selling collectibles in airports and theaters or niche design stores to launching Apple and personal care products, Chumbak says, it is a full-fledged lifestyle brand Has evolved. Personal care — moisturizer, body scrub, soap, shower gel and more — the latest category, is on the verge of launching. Khadda monitors the details. “One of the biggest things for us is the store experience; How to see it, how to smell it, what kind of music will be played, ”says Chadha.

In addition to obtaining a license for single-brand retail in 2017, in the Gaza Capital-led funding round for ₹ 80 crore, Chumbak aims to open 25 more large-format stores in 2018.


Over the next eight years, Chaddha (co-founder and head of products) and Prabhakar (39, founder and CEO) made Chumbak a lifestyle with 20 large-format stores in 11 cities, ranging from home decor to fashion Some Personal Care. According to regulatory filings, Chumbak’s revenue grew 20.6 percent to ₹ 41 crore in FY17; In this period, the deficit increased by 55 lakhs to about 20 crores.



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